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fulfilling dreams, adding value

Perfect Edge is a family owned and operated business built to achieve a lifelong entrepreneurial dream. With unwavering faith that Perfect Edge would deliver extraordinary impact to all those it serves, both customers and employees, the owner left a doctorate level position of 12 years in health care to make his dream come true. At Perfect Edge, each day is approached with extreme gratitude for the opportunity to pursue this dream and with purposeful passion to add value to others.

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our why

Elevating Lives Through Landscape Transformation

Our purpose is to elevate and enhance the lives of others through transforming their lawn and landscape. We believe there is great joy and fulfillment in a freshly mowed yard and a sense of pride in a well-kept property. We have a passion for providing our customers the opportunity to enjoy their outdoor space instead of laboring on it.

Perfect Edge Core Values


  • We put INTEGRITY IN ACTION. We ALWAYS do the right thing, at the right time, and for the right reasons.
  • We choose a POSITIVE ATTITUDE. We believe there is power in positivity. We focus on the positive and understand that our attitude is a choice. We choose to be positive in all scenarios.
  • We SEEK TO SERVE. We look for opportunities to serve others, both our customers and teammates. Our purpose is rooted in adding value to others through meeting their needs.
  • We take PRIDE IN QUALITY WORK. We take great pride in the quality of our work. We strive to ensure our customers sense this pride in their property after we complete our work.
  • We BETTER OUR BEST. We actively pursue improving and growing ourselves, our team, our relationships, and our company. We will give our best every day and then work to make our best better for tomorrow.
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Elevate Your Landscape with a perfect edge

At Perfect Edge Lawn Services, we transform outdoor spaces. Our commitment to excellence ensures exceptional lawn and landscape services, guaranteeing your satisfaction. We're your trusted partner for turning your landscape dreams into reality.

A beautiful green backyard.