Tick & mosquito control — coming soon

Stay tuned for Perfect Edge Lawn Services' upcoming Tick & Mosquito Control service, designed to keep your outdoor spaces safe and comfortable!

Tick control Near me in Swanville, ME | Perfect Edge Lawn Services
Safe & Proven Methods

Enjoy a Pest-Free Environment

Perfect Edge Tick and Mosquito packages utilize all natural products designed to control ticks and mosquitoes on contact as well as create a repellant barrier that lasts for weeks following the treatment. We are committed to providing safe, environmentally friendly solutions without the potentially harmful and hazardous chemicals normally used for tick and mosquito control. Your family and pets can enjoy your yard within 30 minutes of application.

Eliminating ticks and mosquitoes significantly reduces the risk of you or a loved one contracting various viruses and diseases, such as Lyme disease, which are transmitted by these insects.

Tick control Near me in Swanville, ME | Perfect Edge Lawn Services
Mosquito control Near me in Swanville, ME | Perfect Edge Lawn Services
Natural & Effective

Tick & Mosquito ControL Packages

  • The “Ticksterminator” Package for tick control. Treatment every 4 weeks April – October.
  • The “Bite Banisher” package for Tick and Mosquito control. Treatment every 3 weeks April – October.  
  • Package pricing is dependent on size of property and amount of product required to deliver results.
  • One-time applications for special events are available upon request.
Customized Maintenance Plans

Tailored Solutions for all your landscaping needs

Tailoring maintenance plans for residential and commercial spaces is our specialty. Our flexible approach guarantees precise solutions tailored to your unique needs. With our skilled landscape assessment and seasonal adjustments, your outdoor areas thrive year-round. Count on us for dedicated care that your landscapes deserve.

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